IO4 - Instructional Video Respect4 Becoming a Mediator

Each partner will produce instructional video[s] on the subject of how to train mediators among teachers and the student group. The video materials will consist of the necessary steps for training mediators and how to conduct a mediation session, as well as scenario examples of a mediated conflict situation. Videos can be in the mother tongue to address local and national schools who will be beneficiaries of the material. If deemed appropriate the video can contain subtitles in English in order to address the wider international community. A scenario can be acted out and recorded, with additional guidance for teachers to use the materials in their classroom based activities. We intend to use Youtube to share the materials and have created a Youtube channel you can visit and follow by clicking here >>>

Steps can include video storyboards, templates, and an outline to be shared with the partners before starting work on the video. The theoretical aspects will be used from the O3 training. Videos will be also uploaded or embedded on the website, and for a bigger impact YouTube can be used.

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