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This project is inspired by a motivation to provide a positive image of the European Union in response to negative attitudes emerging in the media and from some areas of the political spectrum. The guiding principle is to challenge the misconception that citizenship within Europe threatens our sense of national identity, hence confronting negative perceptions of Europe often advocated in the media and to offer an alternative to an isolationist paradigm of nationhood.
The project seeks to promote the benefits of closer integration with our European neighbours and peers and to highlight the life-long economic, cultural, educational and social benefits that young people can expect to receive as a result of being a part of Europe as well as to encourage entrepreneurship amongst our students by developing innovative approaches to communication technologies.
The project uses the notion of Respect as a vehicle to compare, contrast, highlight and educate participants to challenging concepts in education across borders.
Our main Respect4 objectives are:
1. To provide students & teachers from schools located in 8 countries with an enriching cross curricular project which develops their European awareness and promotes a sense of respect, self, European identity and to challenge and overcome negative perceptions regarding European citizenship.

2. To broaden learners' and teachers’ horizons relating to cultural knowledge, language skills and intercultural dialogue.

3.  To motivate the use of ICT-based content, contributing to ICT skills acquisition and innovatory teaching methods to benefit staff and learners.

4. To promote teamwork amongst staff and learners in the different partner countries and between different sections of our own communities and organisations, thus developing participants’ organisational/ leadership & conflict management skills and applying these skills to the workplace and daily life.

5. To compare different educational systems in order to transfer best practice and inform students of different possibilities of acquiring further education and undertaking mobility abroad.